Dermpath Live

Dermpath live onlineMonthly Dermatopathology Training Sessions

Cockerell Dermatopathology is pleased to announce DERMPATH LIVE has officially launched. Join us for monthly in-depth dermatopathology training sessions hosted by the physicians of Cockerell Dermatopathology. Anyone with a desire to learn and/or sharpen their dermatopathology skills is welcome to attend our gratis educational events. During live sessions, participants may join in the discussion or ask questions and have them answered by the speaking physician. All of the sessions will be recorded and accessible via a web link for future viewing.

For each DERMPATH LIVE lecture, watch in-person at the 13-headed microscope or grab a seat in the theater section which incorporates four large screen HD monitors.

If you are unable to attend in person, you can learn remotely from anywhere in the world by logging on to DERMPATH LIVE.

2017 Schedule:

  • January 25th | 7:00 AM CST USA
  • February 22nd | 7:00 AM CST USA
  • March 22nd | 7:00 AM CST USA
  • April 26th | 7:00 AM CST USA
  • May 24th | 7:00 AM CST USA
  • June 28th | 7:00 AM CST USA
  • July 26th | 7:00 AM CST USA
  • August 23rd | 7:00 AM CST USA
  • September 27th | 7:00 AM CST USA
  • October 25th | 7:00 AM CST USA
  • November / December | TBA



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If you would like to watch recordings of past DERMPATH LIVE sessions, please visit our YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe for future videos!