Clarification of Facts in CBS Story

Our Continued Commitment to Patients

CBS aired a story on June 8th, 2016 that included many inaccuracies about Cockerell Dermatopathology and its owner, Clay J. Cockerell, M.D., We are appalled that we were implicated in the alleged activities that took advantage of veterans and their loved ones. We want to assure you that we were not involved in those activities in any way.

We take pride in operating with the utmost integrity and honesty. Our reputation and involvement in our community—including our support of veterans—is how we built and continue to grow our business.

We appreciate the many partners, physicians and patients who have reached out to support us as we work to correct the misinformation aired by CBS. We remain steadfast in our commitment to our patients, our staff, and our community at large to continue providing the highest quality healthcare possible.

Facts Regarding the Issue

Cockerell Dermatology’s core business is dermatopathology which refers to evaluation of skin biopsy specimens. Dr. Cockerell has a relationship with Origen Laboratories that performs cutting-edge molecular, genomics and toxicology work. Origen is operated by ProGen, a third-party lab manager.

Months prior to the airing of the CBS story, ProGen became aware of individuals operating outside of the company’s compliance policies and requirements. At that point, immediate action was taken including terminating all relationships with those individuals. In addition, ProGen voluntarily refunded monies resulting from these activities.  From our understanding, ProGen acted swiftly and appropriately to address the wrongdoing.

We remain committed to continue to provide care to our referring physicians, our patients and our community as we deal with this unnecessary and unfortunate distraction.  We thank you and the multitude of well-wishers who have reached out to us for your continued understanding and support.  We look forward to putting this issue behind us and moving forward on our vision to provide the best diagnostic services to the greatest number of individuals who need them anywhere in the world.

Clay J. Cockerell, M.D.